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Reading Simplified Accelerates Reading Skill Development

Reading Simplified,  developed by Dr Marni Ginsberg,  is a science based approach to reading that accelerates reading skill development. 

Rapid Skill Development

Reading Simplified is known for its ability to produce quick improvements in reading skills. Its targeted approach can help children catch up to their peers more quickly than traditional methods.

Since applying it to my students (  K to Gr12) I can say compared to O-G and traditional teaching methods,  it delivers substantially more progress in less time. 

My students have seen rapid reading skill improvement. 

Streamlined Approach

The method cuts through the complexity of many reading programs by focusing on a few key activities. This simplicity makes it easier for children to grasp reading concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

Engagement and Retention

The use of multisensory activities enhances engagement, making learning more enjoyable for children with reading difficulties. This approach also aids in better retention of reading skills.

Personalized Instruction

Reading Simplified allows for the instruction to be tailored to each child’s specific needs, ensuring that they are not just learning to read but are overcoming their unique challenges.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

The program places a strong emphasis on phonemic awareness and phonics, which are critical for children with reading difficulties. By strengthening these foundational skills, children become more proficient readers.

Confidence Building

As children experience success and improvement in their reading abilities, their confidence grows. This increased self-esteem can positively impact their attitude towards reading and learning in general.

Support for Parents

Reading Simplified provides parents with resources and guidance to support their child’s learning journey at home. This empowers parents to be active participants in their child’s reading development.

Flexible and Accessible

The program is available online, offering flexibility to fit into busy schedules and allowing for practice anywhere, which is especially beneficial for families with limited access to specialized services.


Reading Simplified is grounded in reading research and evidence-based practices, giving parents confidence that the strategies are not only innovative but also effective.