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I specialize in teaching reading/spelling/writing skills. 

I retired as an Educational Assistant in Prince George in April 2021 to devote myself full-time to tutoring.  I am passionate about providing a high level of service to my students and parents. My students thrive on the enthusiasm and energy I bring to each lesson.  You can expect me to work hard on your child’s behalf, have a positive attitude, and do all that I can to make sure that they achieve.  

To review the programs and methodology I incorporate in my tutoring, please read my article, Orton-Gillingham Core Program and Secondary Programs.

Currently (effective September 2024), I use the Reading Simplified Program for teaching reading skills. It provides a streamlined pathway of focused activities which accelerate the reading progress of students. Then I move back to Barton to teach spelling rules and morphology.

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I begin with a Reading Diagnostic Assessment, which takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. I provide a written report of the results.  

Fee: $175 initial assessment and onboarding

Parents are welcome to sit in on the diagnostic – whatever is most comfortable for the student and makes sense to you.  

Tutoring sessions are 50 minutes each, minimum 2X per week. I can conduct On-Site (in a classroom in my home) or On-Line (via Zoom on the computer) instruction. My preference, especially for younger students or students with specific challenges, is On-Site, but I understand that isn’t always feasible.

Fee:   $65.00 per session, payable in advance at the beginning of each month.

Prior to introducing students to the Barton O-G program, and if deemed necessary by the diagnostic, I teach a pre-reading program, Foundation in Sounds (FIS). FIS was specifically developed to improve students’ awareness of individual sounds; it improves discrimination, memory, and sequence of sounds. 22 sounds are taught using a multi-sensory approach:” auditory, kinesthetic, visual, kinetic (sense of touch).After completion of FIS, the student moves on to the Reading Simplified Program. When that is completed the Orton-Gillingham influenced Barton Reading and Spelling System will be used to teach spelling rules.

Fee: $30 for the FIS deck of cards for practice at home 

Other Material Fees: Please note there is an additional fee for the printing of interactive pages for OnSite Students for each level of the Reading Simplified Reading Program and the O-G Barton Reading & Spelling System (excluding Level 1).  Files will be emailed to online students to print off at their convenience.

Payment for tutoring services can be made by e-transfer or credit card. 

Contract, Registration, Calendar
The next link will take you to my contract for tutoring services.  The contract can be signed during 

the Reading Diagnostic Assessment or or before (printed, scanned, then emailed):  

Tutoring Contract

Completing the registration form will enable me to register you in QuickBooks as a client and to process and track your payments. Student Registration

Reminder invoices will be sent out automatically through QuickBooks at the end of each month.  Reminder invoices make bookkeeping more efficient and help clients track the amount owing.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I look forward to being of service.