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About Brilliant Futures Tutoring In Prince George


Hello, my name is Laurel Sanders.  I provide English tutoring services in Prince George BC, Canada. I have called Prince George home since 1990.

I have a history in homeschooling, providing respite for special needs children and adults, and tutoring children with and without learning difficulties. I retired in April 2021 from my position as an Educational Assistant in the Prince George School District to pursue tutoring full-time.

My philosophy

“Success is achieved by the steady pursuit of a worthy goal.” I consider helping my students overcome their reading challenges one of the worthiest goals – and a joy and privilege! The dawning realization in a student that “I CAN read!” “I CAN do it!” and the spark of enthusiasm, confidence, and pride it ignites in them makes my heart sing! Their success is my joy!

“Purpose without Passion is futile!” To ensure success, it is necessary that a burning desire accompany goals. My purpose of “making reading a reality” for my students is complmented by my positive attitude and fervent efforts to ensure their success.

Some students have an inner drive ; they are able push themselves to study and learn. Other students need more emotional support. Either way, I am passionate about providing a positive and stimulating learning environment. In fact, my students (and parents) thrive on the enthusiasm and energy I bring to each lesson.  

I have experience working with students with dyslexia, apraxia, short-term memory deficit, working memory deficit, ADHD, aspergers syndrome, and autism. I also teach reading and writing skills and business grammar to adult students.

I Love Tutoring!

My purpose and goal is to empower my students with the necessary tools to learn to read, write, and spell independently.

How Can You Help?

As with piano lessons or any other skill development training, practice at home between tutoring sessions has a strong impact on a student’s progress and is fundamental to success. Tutoring is no different; students will see maximum progress over time if they practice at home between sessions.


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