Is your child struggling with reading? Improve your child’s core reading skills! 

Improve Reading Skills

Don’t Let Reading Struggles Hold Your Child Back

No long-term commitment

The Importance of Reading Proficiency

Reading is not merely a skill; it’s a gateway to all other learning.

Reading skills are the foundation for success across all subjects and stages of education.

Strong reading skills at an early age is critical.

Reading challenges can negatively affect a child’s academic performance, impacting their ability to access and engage with the curriculum effectively, damaging their self-esteem and future learning potential in the process.

The Role of Early Intervention

Early intervention is key to overcoming reading difficulties.

This support might include structured reading programs, one-on-one tutoring, or multisensory
learning approaches tailored to each child’s specific needs.


Accelerated Learning

How Does the Reading Camp Work?

Combines Personalized and Group Instruction

Why the Reading Camp?

Many children have difficulty with reading and tutors can only help 1 child at a time.

We created the reading camp so we could help more students in the area improve their reading skills.

Develop Core Reading Skills

70 hours of immersive reading instruction designed to accelerate your child’s reading skill in a short period of time, in the following areas:

✔️ Phonemic awareness

✔️ Fluency and comprehension

✔️ Phonics and pattern recognition

Personalized Reading Instruction for Your Child

Personalized training plans for each student based on initial assessment (included)

Measure progress with a post-camp assessment (included)

We use a few core activities to rapidly develop key reading skills simultaneously.

Students will receive training on core reading skills including:

✔️ Phonemic awareness

✔️ Fluency and comprehension

✔️ Phonics and pattern recognition

Measure Your Child’s Progress

We meet with you and your child, make sure you are a good fit and then perform a reading assessment.

  • 2x 60-90 minute one on one assessments of all reading skills. 
  • Pre-camp assessment and post-camp assessment.
  • Determine suitability of our reading camp for your child
  • Personalized training
  • Measure progress
  • Reading Camp Start
  • Each student will receive a diagnostic assessment to determine their reading skill level. 

We then create a personalized plan for your child  based on the assessment. 

No Long-Term Commitment Needed

This reading camp is designed to improve your child’s reading skills in a short period of time.

Children will learn quickly through focused lessons that consistently repeat key concepts each day over short sessions.

Immersive Reading Experience with Group Instruction

70 hours of immersive reading instruction in a safe, supportive learning environment

We work on core concepts each day through a group instruction approach designed to help any reader.

  • Group instruction for 3.5 hours per day x 20 days
  • Core reading concepts are taught as a group
  • Students are then put into groups according to their reading level

Accelerated Learning

Your child will learn quickly through focused lessons that consistently repeat key concepts each day over short sessions.

Helps the Struggling Reader

This immersive learning experience will greatly benefit struggling readers.

Retention: Lasting Results

Daily focused reading instruction of 3.5 hrs, combined with  consistent repetition of concepts and movement breaks enhance learning.

Your child will learn quickly and retain what they have learned. 

Reading Camp Also Includes

Weekly progress reports emailed to you

Celebration of learning on the last day, for families to attend

Personal contact with both reading specialists through text message for at-home support

A Fun, Interactive, Learning Experience

Kids will have fun and play games while learning reading skills – a proven strategy to boost learning success.


A Science Based Approach

Reading Simplified

Multisensory reading instruction

Learn to Read Faster With Reading Simplified

Did you know your child can learn to read faster than standard reading methods and Orton-Gillingham?

Reading Simplified is a science based approach to reading that dramatically accelerates reading skill development. 

Reading Simplified is designed to streamline the path to reading success.

Key Components of Reading Simplified

Reading Simplified stands apart from traditional methods. It offers a more efficient and effective method for teaching children to read.

Integration of Skills

Unlike methods that isolate reading skills, Reading Simplified integrates them into cohesive activities, allowing for simultaneous skill development.


The approach is highly adaptable, capable of being tailored to meet the unique needs and pace of each learner.

Since applying it to my students (K to Gr12) I can say that, compared to Orton-Gillingham and standard teaching methods, it delivers substantially more progress in less time.

My students have seen rapid improvement and your child can too.

Reading Simplified VS Traditional Methods & Orton Gillingham

Standard reading instruction methods leave many children struggling. 

Orton-Gillingham is effective but takes a long time, requiring a long-term commitment because it isolates each skill.

Reading Simplified uses a few core activities to rapidly develop key reading skills simultaneously.

End Of Camp Assessment

Your child will receive an assessment at the end so you can measure your child’s progress.

A Fun, Interactive, Learning Experience

It’s work, with a lot of fun for the kids as well!

Kids will have fun and play games while learning reading skills – a proven strategy to boost learning success.

Brain Gym

Students will be taken through frequent movement breaks that:

  • Improve learning
  • Maintain focus
  • Reduce stress in your child

Ready to Start? Questions?

Dates & Location

Dates, Location 

Reading Camp Location 

We have rented the Zion Lutheran Christian School

180 Tabor Blvd. South, Prince George

Note:  All group instruction will be done in-person at the school

Who is it for?

The camp is for students entering Grade 3 and up

When Does It Start? When Does It End?


Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 12pm.  

Start Date:  Wednesday, July 3, 2024 

Last Day:  Tuesday, July 30 , 2024 

What Do You Need To Succeed?

A great attitude and attend all lessons.

We encourage you practice daily at home as well to get the most out of the program

All student learning supplies are included

Questions about how this camp can work for your child? Ready to improve reading skills?

We Are Dedicated To Improving Your Childs Reading

Hi, I’m Laurel Sanders with Brilliant Futures Tutoring and teaching children to read is my passion.

Together with Dawn Bast we have created a group reading instruction program designed to improve the reading skills of any reader in 20 days.

We have +20 yrs of experience teaching children and adults to read successfully.

We specalize in:

  • Reading instruction
  • Structured, sequential, multisensory instruction 
  • Orton-Gillinghamn
  • Structured Linguistic Literacy
  • Brain Gym
  • Reading Simplified Program

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